The Importance of Friendship– According to Lana


Q: What is a friend?

A: When someone is great and faithful a d will go with you to get cupcakes and ice cream.

Q: How do you know if someone is your friend?

A: If they’re sister or brothers, they could be an example. They love me, play with me, remember my name, and say, “Lana.”

Q: Why is it important for us to have friends?

A: Because they’re good. They can be good examples and tell us what we’re doing wrong to help us do better and be better. Friends make me happy.

Q: How are you a friend to others?

A: I hug them like this…


Q: Who is your best friend and why?

A: C & J are my best friends because they love me so much. Ace and Norah are my best friends because I told them they had to be…

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