According to Lana

As most of my family and friends know, along with my Facebook and Instagram followers, my four year old is EXTRA sassy. This morning she presented me with an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. This will be the first of many “According to Lana” segments!!!

3 Things that all Moms NEEEEED

  1. Food

“Ya know, all people need food, but mamas REALLY need it…” – Lana

“Why is that, baby?” -Me

“Well, food makes girls happy. And mamas are girls. So…. I think you can put that puzzle together…” – Lana

She did later clarify that they need REAL food and not cake and ice cream all the time. So there’s that.

2. Help

“Mamas need some help, too.” – Lana

“What do you mean?” – Me

“I meannnnn, have you met us? Kids are CRAZY!” – Lana

“You ain’t wrong… So what do you think moms need help with?” – Me

“Everything. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself.” – Lana

[Derek DOES help around the house, just so we’re clear. But SP feels like more people should help each other in general whether family or not, and I have to agree.]

3. Rest

“Do you know what’s most important though, Mommy?” – Lana

“And what is that?” – Me

“REST.” – Lana said as she clapped her hands

“You think so?” – Me

“I know so. You always tell me that if I just sit down and rest I’ll feel better, but you’re always doing something. Even when you sit down you’re doing something. If you rest, I bet you’ll feel better, too.” – Lana

So, so much truth from such a little soul!

If you have any questions that you would like Lana to answer, or topics you’d like for her to discuss, drop a comment below!

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