Our entire childhood, we are just another silly little kid. Throughout middle school we do our best to “fit in”, whatever that means. We get to high school and we get to that moment where we realize “oh crap, I have to adult soon.” Then we’re out here adulting. Unsupervised.

Or maybe that was just me.

Adulting takes on a whole new meaning when we have little ones looking up to us. We want to be the very best for them. Provide for them. Protect them. Teach them. Guide them. All the while, we’re still figuring everything out ourselves. And at the same time, trying not to LOSE ourselves.

If you can relate to any of this, then this blog will be your new happy place in the World Wide Web as I share our journey through parenting and life.

Lana: “I just rolled my eyes at myself.”

Me: “Why?”

Lana: “Mom, sometimes you just have to roll your eyes and keep it moving.”

This whole process for us has been trial and error (horrible way to view parenting, I know *insert eye roll*), and I’m sure that part will never change. As our kids grow and change, so will we, and so will our parenting. And crazy enough, I’ve found that our kids can be our greatest teachers!

So here’s to this blog, wherever it may lead.